“Cloudy” is a 2D animated short film about a young woman who often finds herself daydreaming. As the frequency of her fantasies increases, she begins losing control of them. The line between reality and fantasy is no longer clear as the two start to blend together. The animation utilizes the style of liquid motion animation to create a fantastical atmosphere that shows the transition between reality and daydreams. The short film is supported by collateral material.
Progress during the semester was documented every week in a process book, which includes a project proposal, research, visual inspiration, production plans, sketches, and more. The project website was also updated throughout the semester to reflect some of the progress being made on the movie itself. The website can be accessed here.
The trailer for "Cloudy" briefly shows a few scenes from the animation.
Concept art created for the animation primarily shows the character while she is daydreaming and interacting with her inner worlds. The color palette in her fantasies is colorful and saturated, relying more on blues, purples, and pinks. In contrast, as seen in the fourth image where reality and daydream collide, the real world is desaturated and uses mostly tints and shades of grey/brown. The last two illustrations also show the use of liquid motion in transitions and in the movements of the drips of color present throughout the animation.
Bookmarks and stickers were created as part of the promotional aspect of the project. They were given out to people who were present at the thesis exhibition while it was up and open to the public for two and a half weeks.
Two 18" x 24" posters were framed and hung on both sides of the TV screen at the exhibition.
"The Art of Cloudy" is a 46-page hardcover book, measuring roughly 7" x 7". It documents different stages of creating the animated movie "Cloudy." Sections include the synopsis, character design, storyboards, concept art, animation stills, and collaterals. The final spread has a brief blurb about the artist.

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